These creations are carved one at a time by me by hand per order. Ordering reserves you a spot in line to the bench to be carved. Once you place your order you will receive an email with an estimated ship date. The lead time is usually around two weeks.


I had never played with the urethra until I started about a month ago.
Hubby was looking things up online and showed me some pictures of guys sticking small round objects in his urethra and so he then told me that he had tried it.
I was intrigued and was looking things up online about female urethra play. There wasnt much for a female online about this subject. So we decide to research this and figured out that we could find some small round objects to try to stick in my urethra to see how it felt and what it did for me.
When you first insert something in the urethra its very tight so go slow and make sure it is a very small smooth object. If it is rough, or sharp it will really hurt. The more I did it the more the opening of my urethra got stretched out and made it easier to put things in. You really have to make sure that the object isnt to deep because a female only has about 2 inches of urethra before it goes into the bladder.
We found penisplugsablaze website online so we emailed him and told him we were interested in something for a female to insert in the urethra to stimulate it like he has on his website for males to insert in their penis.
My hubby had something that he was inserting in his penis and it was a real turn on to me to watch him do it.
Mrbigcox then emailed us back and was all excited and asked how long and how big to make the plug.
Before we got the plug in the mail we ordered some Pratt Urethra Sound Dilatators and stretched my urethra out so it would be easier to insert plug when I received it in the mail.
We got the plugs in the mail and started to play with them. Make sure you have a partner to share this with. It is hard to find your urethra opening but with practice you will know where it is.
After some play the opening was much easier to find and was very simple to insert. It sort of has a pout to it now, like a slit on the end of a penis. Is very cute and sexy. Also it makes urinating much less messy on the inner labia and having to wipe so much.
When we were playing with it and you get it in and move it up and down in the urethra it feels very good and stimulates it and gives you the best orgasm. When you pull it out of the urethra you get a rush feeling and kind of have to shiver a little due to the stimulation. Then during about the next four hours you can still feel it, and feels very good to pee for a few hours after playing as well.
The plugs felt good and was easy to get in to the urethra tube and I was just the right length to go nice into my bladder but had to be careful to not go to fast and have discomfort.
Use lots of lube and make sure that your plugs are very clean before insertion and clean them before putting them away. Wash your hands and make sure you have something to lay the plugs on. Dont just lay on the bed. Make sure you urinate after you play with it to clear the urethra.
Hope you have as much fun as I do.
Valeries Secret


There are two styles to choose from.

You are purchasing one or the other.
Choose carfully.

These are crafted from 316L Surgical Stainless Steel.
They have been designed with female Urethral play in mind.
But dont be fooled.

They work well on us males also.
These have an over all length from top to bottom not including the hoop of 3 inches long. There are two styles to choose from. A straight smooth shaft or its sister with two eggs for added pleasure. The captive ring is free moving and is only for looks and to protect from over insertion.
You have SIX insertable widths to choose from.

.187 inch (4.7mm) insert width as pictured.
.25 inch (6mm)
 .312 inch (8mm)
.375 inch (9.5mm)
.437 inch (11mm)
.5 inch (12mm) insertable width.
Choose wisely.
And as always, my pieces are hand carved and hand polished to a mirror finish one at a time.

These creations may differ slightly from the pictures shown.
Each piece is done one at a time and lead time may vary per creation.
"All payments must be made in U.S. dollars!!!

The codes below are as followed:
316 SM = .187 inch (4.7mm) insertable width smooth shaft.
14 SM = .25 inch (6mm) insertable width smooth shaft.
516 SM = .312 inch (8mm) insertable width smooth shaft.
38 SM = .375 inch (9.5mm) insertable width smooth shaft.
716 SM = .437 inch (11mm) insertable width smooth shaft.
12 SM = .5 inch (12mm) insertable width smooth shaft.

316 EGG = .187 inch (4.7mm) insertable width 2 EGG shaft.
14 EGG = .25 inch (6mm) insertable width 2 EGG shaft.
516 EGG = .312 inch (8mm) insertable width 2 EGG shaft.
38 EGG = .375 inch (9.5mm) insertable width 2 EGG shaft.
716 EGG = .437 inch (11mm) insertable width 2 EGG shaft.
12 EGG = .5 inch (12mm) insertable width 2 EGG shaft.
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