The Feeler™ Penis Plug.
This plug is in stock and ready to ship. Creativity brought to you from a man on the other side of the pond. Specifically designed for the tentative man, who isn't really sure about this, but feels he should give it a try.

  The plug is machined using the highest grade German Surgical Stainless Steel and polished to a mirror finish.  It is a size that will fit most. .25 inches (6mm) gently increasing to .3125 inch (8mm) with the insertable body length of 1.5 inches long.  The drop end prevents it from being over inserted. The are no difficult to clean holes or patterning. Having a shoulder keeps it in place, as best it can. It looks anonymous. The postal form will say it's 'metal part. It's as inexpensive as a hand crafted item can be. We are making it a little more easier for those who are curious with this new form of play. Being flat, it can be posted in a small plain padded envelope. Unless you order more creations of course. 
Sizes may not be exact to sizes given in the listing. They may vary *slightly*.
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