Control the flow Joe™.

Here is yet another beautifully handcrafted Stainless Steel penis plug. Another one of a kind. Once its gone, its gone!!! It features a thru hole to allow for bodily functions, and with its design, can be worn for extended periods of time. The top cap easily unscrews to allow bodily functions. When your done just screw the cap back in.




It also has a beautiful Swarovski crystal in the top to more compliment the piece. Or your piece...LOL. The front hoop and the shaft bar are totally free moving. It comes with two different sized glans rings that easily snap into the shaft bar to compliment any ones needs or mood. The O-ring can be bought at any hardware store at all different sizes.  The overall length of the plug portion of this creation is just under 2.5 inches long not including the cap. And is .375 of an inch (9.5mm) at its widest insertable width. The body has four eggs for added pleasure. Pictures do very little justice to the handcraftsmanship that I am known for. This creation comes to you in its own black velvety drawstring pouch. And as always, my pieces are hand carved and hand polished to a mirror finish one at a time. When choosing your tools, if you cant see your reflection, DONT USE IT.

Control the flow Joe™.
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