Anal plug, Pussy plug. Made of the highest quality German Surgical Stainless Steel, it can be sterilized between uses for safe and healthy play..A similar design to the NJOY Pure plug 2.0 butt plug at a fraction of the cost. This plug can be worn all day. Its incredible!!! 420grams of hole filling pleasure!!

A design upgrade introduces 4 unique grooves along the rounded plug, these allow for a more comfortable insertion by reducing resistance. The rounded plug portion is a full 1 5/8" inches wide and is 1 3/4" inches long. The total insertable length of this creation is 3 3/4" inches long. Silky-smooth texture is non-porous, helping your lubes to last much longer during play. The slight angle of the plug allows for prostate stimulation, as well as fitting in more naturally with the body's curves. The round handle is easy to grip, and helps in insertion and removal. The entire toy is crafted of medical-grade stainless steel that will never corrode or degrade, so long as it is cleaned with only non-abrasive and body-safe cleansers. It may be boiled if sterilization is desired.

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