I know you have Balls. Time to give you some BACKBONE!!

Another design pulled from a Demented Vision and carved in the depths of Hell. Crafted from the highest quality German Surgical Steel, adorned with genuine crystals. A little bling for your ding.


Once I wrapped my cock and balls with Backbone I didn’t want to take it off. The feeling is incredible and I love the way it holds my Cock out giving me the hugest bulge in my pants. Definitely an attention getter to say the least!! Wearing it around the pool made me the center of attention. I called it my custom floatation device. LOL

One of the most comfortable cock and ball toys I have ever crafted. Four soft, thick, High Purity Silicone rubber rings encircling your shaft...and a 5th one acting as a cock ring.

Wearing this is like having someone's hand gently squeezing your cock and balls all day as you move about. Got me some pretty incredible head while wearing this beast. My head was sucked hard and fast. My Cock swelled quickly and my shaft was squeezed firmly in the grasp of bliss. I exploded very quickly with spasms that brought me to my knees. Like pulling the trigger on a gun four times. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!!!! I LITERALLY FELT MY BALLS CONTACTING WITH EVERY LOAD SHOT. And I mean SHOT!!! I have to publicly apologize to the recipient for such a bombardment of cum bombs. And thank you for working my head so well. You truly are a strong Soldier and you held your own. Thanks for not wasting a drop, hope the burn leaves your eyes soon.

The Highest Quality Materials went into this device as always.


The five rubber bands are long enough to cut to the size you need, you can easily trim them down if they are not as tight as you'd like. I myself left a little room to grow with mine. You'll love this little Fucker.



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