STR8cam Lube - 2 oz travel size

Now in an easy to carry 2 ounce travel size, STR8cam Lube is a hybrid lube that looks and feels like cum. It's water based, white and creamy, and feels unlike any other lubrication available. With STR8cam Lube you get the best of both worlds. Lube that lasts long like silicone and cleans up easily like water. STR8cam Lube is condom friendly, safe to use with all sex toys, and it won't stain your sheets or ruin your gear. STR8cam Lube is silky smooth and long lasting. It doesn't get sticky and it doesn't smell or taste like chemicals. STR8cam Lube is the perfect all around personal lubricant for any occasion. STR8cam Lube is getting amazing reviews! Our customers really love it and you will too. It's being used by thousands of happy people including pornstars and porn studios.

STR8cam Lube is unlike any other personal lubricant available. You won't be disappointed! I wouldn’t recommend using this for Sounding. Jeff is in the process of developing a Sterile lube for that. CANT FUCKING WAIT!!!!! I myself had to bring this lube to my site and pass it along to you. Fucking amazing to say the least. I can goon on my Cock for hours with this stuff. Edging to Orgasmic bliss has never been better thanks to Jeff and his STR8 lube. You can use this lube for hours of pleasure with your favorite toy or solo loving. Hell!!!!! You can take a bath in this stuff. This isn’t just a male exclusive product. Ladies!!!!! Don’t be shy!!! Finally we have cum that doesnt leave that funny tasting burn in your mouth and washes out of your hair with ease!!!! Let yourself go and cover yourself with Jeff’s spunky lube. If you want to see Jeff and his rockin body just click on the link below to visit his site. Yes thats him below!!!!



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