Bridging the gap between lovers.

This is great improvement to from its brother, THE STRAIGHT SHOOTER.

The point of all that I do, my life long quest, is chasing the Ultimate O. I have had allot of folks interested in these man to man plugs and the sexual experience that is accompanied with it.

Even Wolfgang and his brother from MEO purchased my plugs from me as a customer with deceptions. I had no idea that they took pictures of the actual plugs that I carved and are now selling them on their site as their own design. If you see an idea that you can improve and make better than so be it. Hell, I add new stuff to my own personal collection all the time. But if you do things like the brothers at MEO, than your just theifs trying to ride me piggy back.

Wolfgang, your legal notice on you site speaks strongly of intellectual property rights. And to think that I thought my ART was my intellectual property and not yours.


I now produce our tried-and-true penis plugs in a longer "partner version" with the so-called Straight Shooter Buddy Sound. These are TWO connected penis plugs to be inserted simultaneously into TWO penises. This three piece device cums apart for easy cleaning. Screw the two brothers together and shoot your seed back and forth deep inside each others Cock. Two different seeds mix together for the first time as they dance between these two Cocks to Orgasmic bliss!!!

Enjoy the ultimate feeling of unconditional intimacy with your partner. You and your partner insert the Buddy Sound at the same time with the help of your favorite lube. Make sure to keep an eye on your partner! The feeling of being penetrated at the same time is simply indescribable. We'll leave the rest to your imagination.

The best part: whoever squirts first, wins! I have equipped our Buddy Sound with a Thru-hole all the way through to allow for ejaculation (CUM) and piss (urination).


Here is a testimonial of a very happy customer with his experience with the Straight shooter plug.

DeanO_1: I bought a cock to cock sound through penis plugs long hollow device!. The first time I used it, I came while it was in between us and filled his cock and mine to capicty With the excess spilling out. It was so cool that it made him cum....and he came so much...and so hard, it filled up my bladder with his cum and mine! When we pulled out the sound, I was able to "pee" out the huge load of both our a huge second orgasm. It was quite the spectacle...and we did it at a play party...with lots of people watching!


Technical data:

CNC-manufactured from a from the highest quality Surgical-grade Stainless Steel alloy, with a mirror polished finish.

The total length is about 228 mm ( 9” inches) in length.

You have three different choices to choose from. Mix or match the insertable widths that best fits your needs.

You have a choice of 8mm ( 5/16” inch) or 10mm (heavy 3/8” inch) insertable widths.


A = 8mm + 8mm insert width

B = 8mm + 10mm insert width

C = 10mm + 10mm insert width


Make your choice in the dropdown below.

Sizes may not be exact to sizes given in the listing. They may vary *slightly*.


The way I clean and use my plugs is listed at the bottom of every page. Proper care is a must to maintain the finish. Always after cleaning be sure to blow out any thru-hole. I would use a can of compressed air that is used and sold at anyplace they sell computers. 316L is the best material for corrosion resistance. Remember that it is resistant and not corrosion free. It is important to properly care for your penis plugs for years of enjoyment. Never store them wet or with wetness inside the thru-hole. 

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