The Spiral Tusk Cock Cage


The entire cock and balls fit thru the 2" ( 50mm ) ID Solid Surgical Stainless Steel cock ring at the base and the cock shaft slides into four spiral set of rings that have a 1 1/4" ( 31.75mm ) ID.


The balls are divided to each side and can protrude out the sides... depending how much skin you have or how low your balls hang will decided how much you are able to split the balls thru the side ring openings that are 1 1/2" ( 38mm ) ID.




This new Spiral Tusk is handsome, simple, comfortable and very effective, in preventing you or your boy from getting hard or being able to satisfy himself. Easy to piss while wearing this.

The best way to put this device on is in a hot shower or bath. Trying to put it on dry is impossible.




In Mistress Sadie's own words, her testimonial of the Spiral Tusk......

"I like the accessibility of the boys.
It's very important to me to have the boys at hand for extra stimulation. I liked how the Tusk confined the cock but didn't hide it away from me so I couldn't tease my pet.
I was able to get my fingers into the many areas around the metal rings that teases and tantalizes a cock into growing big and strong for me.
I also liked the fact that there was no lock to get in the way of where I wanted my fingers to be.
I've ruined more than one manicure on the corner of a padlock or scratched my fingers on the damn things.
I really liked the cage and I can see a lot of potential for it's use in my CBTTease repertoire.
I plan on exploring the possibilities further in future sessions."

Mistress Sultry Sadie


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