Meat-Stuffer by OXBALLS...pure silicone penis plug.


Plug your meat with slick, smooth silicone…incredibly soft and flexible. Metal plugs are hot as hell, but the feel of Oxballs new silicone SIL-PLUG sliding in your pisser will make all you piss-plug pigs drool…from your mouth and your pisshole. Made from the finest grade of medical platinum cure silicone, these plugs are soft enough to mold to the shape of your piss-tube, they’ll even flex while you stoke…but are firm enough to insert, or even fuck your pisshole like a dick-dildo… Finished with a slick glossy smooth surface, even first-time stuffers will dig the feel…use tons of sterile waterbased lube for play, or if your dick spits pre-cum like ours, that’ll work. Since these are pure silicone, you can clean them before each use…store them in the plastic tube they come in.

New to dick pluggin? Then the Meat Stuffer is the perfect BEGINNER tool. It is 3 sizes in ONE, starting with a very mild width and gradually increasing. And there is NO better way to plug your meat than with slick, smooth silicone...incredibly soft and flexible.

These step from 6mm to 7mm then 8mm

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