SIL-PLUG #1 by OXBALLS pure silicone





Oxballs, (those dirty L.A. pigs), have come up with another sick design that’ll change the way you use your meat.


Smoother, a bigger base for better grip...a much improved MEATPLUG... SIL-PLUG-1 is a flexible, silicone piss-plug made from medical grade

Platinum cure silicone that stretches and bends…


Stainless Steel plugs are hot as hell, but a silicone plug will fill your piss-tube with pleasurable flexibility, plunge it while you stroke…


Silicone warms up fast and feels like your own skin.


Use only sterile water based or medical lube and slide these little fuckers in….or for more advanced you can fuck your pisshole with em. These come packaged in a clear tube for storage…wash and sterilize before each use… The color is Red.


Plug your meat with slick, smooth, silicone…


Incredibly soft and flexible!!


The feel of Oxballs new silicone SIL-PLUG sliding in your pisser will make all you piss-plug pigs drool.


 They flex while you stoke…


Firm enough to insert, or even fuck your pisshole like a Cock-dildo…


Finished with a slick glossy smooth surface, even first-time stuffers will enjoy the feel…


Plug starts off at a mild ¼” ( 6mm ) and ends at a fat 5/8” ( 15mm ) at its largest insertable width and has a total length of around 3 ¼” inches ( 88.9mm ).

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