This Ball weight Stretcher is done by hand one at a time and no two are exactly alike. Its made with the finest quality German Surgical with a sweet Ass design carved into. It is adorned with two genuine Swarovski crystals. It is a two piece device with a crystal and carving on each side. Its held tightly together with a Allen bolt and comes with its own Allen wrench for easy removal.



The weight of this device is right around 340 grams. The ID is 1.5 inch ( 38mm) wide by 1.5 inch (38mm) tall.


You have a choice in the color crystals. Each ball weight has two crystals. You can have it with two Blue, two Red, or one Blue and one Red. Make your choice in the drop down below.



This Barrel Ball weight Stretcher is a two piece highly polished solid chunk of stainless steel for your junk.






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