Open Wider™ expanding Anal and Pussy Plug

The Open Wider™

Expanding Anal and Pussy Locking Plug (AKA The Pear of Anguish, Ultimate Ass Lock) is the perfect toy for fans of both bondage and anal or pussy play. As a simple plug, insert the cool steel bulb into your sub, leaving the rubber ring in place to keep the three solid Surgical Stainless Steel petals together to maintain the traditional plug shape. After sliding the plug into place, press down on the outer Stainless Steel disc at the base of the plug to cause your Open Wider™ to spread its petals and bloom inside their ass or pussy. To keep this devious device spread open, and your naughty sub from removing their toy, attach the included padlock through the post at the base of the plug. Be in total control of their ass or pussy and get ready to watch them beg!

Total insertable length is around 4.25 inches (108mm)

Insertable width closed is around 1.625 inches (41mm)

Opened width is around 2.5 inches (63.5mm)

Open Wider™ expanding plug!!!!!! Solid Surgical Stainless with a hefty weight.


Each one of these is pain stakenly finished one at a time by me. I have found these for twice the cost from other venders on line with sharp unfinished edges. OUCH!!!! I have hours of time into these to acheive that perfect finish on these that I am known for.

Below are pictures of a simular (not the same as the one in this listing) Pear device installed deep inside this beautiful womans ass. I would like to give great thanks to Vlad from Fetlife for sharing these beautiful pictures with all of us. Im very glad that my proto-type Pear found a home. A warm juicy home to say the least. The Pear that she has inside her opens a full 4 inches (101mm) and is the reason why it never made it to market. But now I see that this beautiful woman is handling it just fine. Just fine indeed!!!! If you would like to see Vlad and his beauty just click on one of the pictures below to enter his World.

Open Wider™ expanding Anal and Pussy Plug
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