The Anal Hook Pussy Hook- Get hung up on pleasure with this uni-sex toy! Solid Surgical German Stainless Steel.


Men and woman who want to combine the visual and sexual pleasure of rope and anal or pussy play will find the Anal Pussy Hook an ideal item to add to their collection. The Hook is inserted into the ass or pussy. Then used with rope to create an intricate rope bondage design. Put your imagination to work and create whatever you desire. I use mine when I masturbate to apply the perfect pressure and stroke my prostate to orgasmic bliss!!!

I purchased a few of these on line before I created the hook see here today. The problem that I found with others is that they failed to hit the male or female G-spot. I opened up the hook portion to take these hooks to a whole new level of pleasure. Its like having a finger shoved deep in your ass.

The anal hook rests against the back, while you use the ring to connect your favorite rope. While your partner is tied and at your control, you can either watch as their every movement like a finger in their ass for pleasure or you can get involved and fuck the next available hole. And as said above this works great with self pleasue as you masturbate to orgasmic bliss!!!!!

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