370 grams (13oz) of HOLE filling Pleasure!!


A design upgrade introduces two nice unique grooves that give this piece the Cats Paw look. The is nothing nicer than having your ass or pussy packed with the Highest Quality German Surgical Steel.


These are great for strengthening the Vaginal muscles. Insert and restrict, release, restrict, release, restrict.....You get the idea!!!

With its smooth, free flowing design it allows for a more comfortable insertion by reducing resistance. Most designs on the market today have a bulky, round, flat base that are not as comfortable to wear for long term. The round disk type bases always start to be an irritation after awhile. I elimated that with the first version and now I give you the Cats Claw, version 2. Much more comfortable bar to rest between the cheeks of your ASS.

The rounded plug portion is a full 1 3/8" inches ( 34mm ) wide. The total insertable length of this creation is almost a full 3" inches ( 76mm ) long.

Silky-smooth texture is non-porous, helping your lubes to last much longer during play.



Have to give much thanks to the both of these wonderful folks for sharing such a private moment in their lives with all of us. Thanks to the beautiful model and the very talented photographer.


And as said in their own words below.......

Using our new toy on my girl. The feeling of both holes filled is a huge turn on for us both! (THE CATS PAW™ BUTT PLUG/ VAGINAL PLUG(13oz) purchased from PenisPlugsAblaze)


Absolutly Incredible edible goodness!!!! Simply eye candy to say the least!!!! Yet again another shot given to us by the beautiful woman and photographed by a true artist. Thanks again to the both of you for capturing this moment in time and sharing it with us today.


And as said by them.......


We love our new toy! (THE CATS PAW™ BUTT PLUG/ VAGINAL PLUG(13oz) purchased from PenisPlugsAblaze)



The entire toy is crafted of medical-grade stainless steel that will never corrode or degrade, so long as it is cleaned with only non-abrasive and body-safe cleansers. It may be boiled if sterilization is desired.


"Spread & Plugged" I love the feeling of his strong hands when he toys with me!!



"Predicament" As he took what is his, I was unable to move away for the butt plug would get pulled and pushing back would tighten the rope on my neck. I was his to use as he wished.


Predicament Close up ... I love how he took me while I was bound!


Thanks again to these two beautiful people, true artist, for capturing their moments in time and sharing them with us today.

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