The Machined Erector™
Penis Plug. Made from the Highest Quality German Surgical Stainless Steel. On the shelf and ready to ship.
Each EGG/CAPSULE measures 1 inch ( 25mm ) in length and a heavy .375 inch ( 10mm ) insertable width.

The original plug took many months to design to perfection and now I have redesigned it and made it better!

With a Solid threaded Stainless Steel center it adds much more weight with a fuller feel.

The ERECTOR can be assembled and disassembled to fit your mood and fill your needs.

Each EGG/CAPSULE unscrews. With its balled shaft pivot design the body of the plug has free movement with sway.

The Glans ring is 1.25 inch ( 31.75mm ) ID.

The Plug of the Future is here today. Can be purchased with zero to five EGG/CAPSULES.
Use the drop down below to make your choice.

A must have for any collection.

Sizes may not be exact to sizes given in the listing. They may vary *slightly*.

Use the drop down below to make your choice.

Plug = 1 3/4"  ( 44.45mm ) insert length

Plug + 1 egg = 3 3/4" ( 95.25mm ) insert length

Plug + 2 egg = 5 3/4" ( 146mm )
insert length

Plug + 3 egg = 7 3/4" ( 196.85mm )
insert length

Plug + 4 egg = 9 3/4" ( 247.65mm )
insert length

Plug + 5 egg = 11 3/4" ( 298.45mm )
insert length

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