Ben Wa Balls-Solid Surgical Stainless Steel!!!




Some woman use these balls through out the day while running about. No one will know you are using your surgical steel balls except you! The Ben Wa design is simple, their benefits to your love life and sexual health are many! Because of each ball's weight and size, pelvic muscles eager for stimulation come alive with increased blood flow and stimulation.

In time your vaginal muscles will grab his erection with a firm "handshake" that won't let go until he's completely drained!

Using these balls while masturbating or even while getting a good fucking is pretty incredible.

You are purchasing these as a set. These are not cheap chrome plated garbage that is flooding the market these days. These balls are solid Surgical Stainless Steel balls. The are .75 inches wide ( 19mm )

Ben Wa balls come with a velvety pouch to keep them safe when not in use.




Instructions for using Ben Wa Balls


1. Always void before placing the balls in the vagina. Empty the bladder!!!


2. Insert one ball at a time. Lubrication is usually a must. Some Women have said that inserting the balls is similar to hygiene products. If you are having trouble while standing, you should lift one leg up. If that doesn’t work, try inserting them while lying down.


3. Squeeze your leg muscles together and then your PC muscles together to hold the balls in. The balls should push down a little bit inside your vagina due to the weight of them. You should eventually get used to the feeling.


4. Hold the balls inside for at least 15 minutes a day to strengthen your PC muscles. You can hold them in for hours for a better workout.


5. If any balls slip out, wash them well with soap and water and slip them back in.


6. There are several ways to remove the balls including: jump up and down, sneeze, cough, sit and bear down as if you’re having a bowel movement, insert lubricant to help them slide out, etc. In any case, it is not possible for the balls to disappear inside the body from the vagina.

Ben Wa Balls-Solid Surgical Stainless Steel!!!
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