Custom Chastity Cage with Penis Plug and Adjustable Spikes.

Custom Chastity Cage with Penis Plug, Brushed Top,

Gripper Cut Base and Base Ring. With Three threaded adjustable Spikes Adorned with beautiful Blue Zircon (Turquoise) Swarovski Crystals.

Hammered out of the finest quality German Surical Stainless Steel.




I finished another one of a kind Chastity cage today. This one has the newest flextube penis plug with a threaded stopper tip to help with those extra drips from pissing.

The flex penis plug simply screws into the top of the Chastity cage. Easy in, easy out. The Flex penis plug can be removed for easy cleaning or inserted with out ever removing the cage. And can be easily cut to a length that suites you. The insertable tip is 8mm in width. The tube itself is High Purity Medical Grade Plantinum Cured Silicone.

I gave this Chastity Cage three different finishes that go together rather well.

The base ring has a 50mm ID and is held on with an Allen bolt. The ring only fits on one way with all the twisting, hammering, and tweaking that needed to be done in order to finish this beast. Inside usable space of Cage 3 inches (76mm) and is 1.5 inches (38mm) wide.

I love the looks of this one but my collection is now three huge cabinets deep and now Im in need of a fourth. So I think Im going to sell this one to some lucky Chastity Chap. It is a one of a kind on the shelf and ready to ship.

A must have for any collection with a price you can not pass up.

Play safe, Be well....


Custom Chastity Cage with Penis Plug and Adjustable Spikes.
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