The PenisPlugsAblaze™ brand HELMET HEAD™ STINGER device gives a whole new meaning to pleasure and pain. The Stinger has three Stainless Steel Spikes to crank down on the cock shaft/Glans. Each Spike is adorned with a beautiful Fire Swarovski crystal.


Another Demented Vision crafted from solid Surgical Stainless Steel here at PenisPlugsAblaze™.

Another incredible creation to cap off that cock head.

Your able to blow your wad, shoot your juice top end is slotted for bodily functions.

Plenty of room to stuff your cock with your favorite penis plug!!!!!

Incredible to watch and feel your cock swell, filling The HELMET HEAD™. The inner ring ID is 1 ¼” ( 31.75mm ) . My new favorite creation!!!!!


There are two styles that are slightly different as shown in the above and below pictures. You will receive one or the other. One has the extra rim and the other does not.

I'm using a O-ring that I slip inside the helmet to lock the head in place which is very effective. I've got another just on the outside for comfort to prevent pinching. I really like it! Thanks,



Dear Keith:
           I received your package on Monday and that evening I tried out your Glans rings and the 1 inch diameter head cap 71grams.  I used a PES bipolar small flexible anal electrode. Coupled with the smaller Glans ring with the 3/8 inch ball and it gave incredible sensations.  Then switched out to 6guage thicker ring without the center ball again an incredible sensation and very smooth.  I used a triphase cable 2 black channelA and B on the penis rings.  I then switched out to use the SS Head Cap and alligator clipped on the side opening. Again same triphase set up.  Very smooth and incredible.  I have never been able to have HFO with the cock cap from erostek but your SS head cap got the job done the first time out!!  If this head cap were 1.25" inside diameter you would be able to wear the 6guage glans ring and get it through the opening and still make contact with the SS side walls and I think that would really be a very unique experience.  The 1 inch diameter does not leave you with enough insertion room when wearing the glans ring.  An added benefit is that the front opening is machined in such a way as to allow the ejaculate to freely escape the energized electrode and you do not get the sudden surge of power when it does.  You asked me to report back and I am.  I am almost 70yrs old and I do not erect like I used to.  For a youngr person this SS Head Cover would dive them past the point of no return in a heartbeat.


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