Here is another great design made by the folks at SILICONENOZZLES.COM

Due to many requests from their customers they have designed and introduced this multi-ribbed multi-dimentional flexible urethral sound that has a unique hold-in-place valley, or groove, at the end next to the flange that can be clearly viewed in the photos. With its tappered and rounded style tip and ribs this probe goes in smoothly providing a generous quantity of sensations as each rib and valley stimulate and spread the way for the following ribs. The total insertable length is approximately 6 inches, 152mm up to the flanged style base. This is a solid plug with no thru-hole.

The sound has 10 seperate ribs that vary not only in diameter but shape and length including the gently tappered tip. The first 9 ribs vary slightly in diameter from between 8.5mm at the tip and 9mm. The 10th rib enlarges to approxi 10mm before tappering back down to the 6.7mm valley just before the flange. The urethral sphincter just inside the tip of the penis creates a perfect fit and hold for those that can just manage a 10mm sound. The tappered design of the last rib up to 10mm provides a gentle stretching action to allow the sphincter to gradually stretch before seating itself into and closing around the last valley in front of the flared base flange.

The rib measurements are as follows:

1 - 8.3 to 8.5mm approximately .330" - Approximately 25Fr

2 - 8.8 to 9mm approximately .350 - Approximately 26Fr

3 - 8.9 to 9.1mm approximately .361 - Approximately 27Fr

4 - 9.0 to 9.2mm approximately .370 - Approximately 27.3Fr

5 - 8.7 to 8.9mm approximately .351 - Approximately 26Fr

6 - 8.7 to 8.9mm approximately .351 - Approximately 26Fr

7 - 8.7 to 9mm approximately .351 - Approximately 26Fr

8 - 8.8 to 9mm approximately .350 - Approximately 26Fr

9 - 9 to 9.2mm approximately .360 - Approximately 26Fr

10 - 9.8 to 10.1mm approximately .394 - Approximately 30Fr

 A full 6" inches (15cm) in length!!!!


 If it says in stock below than it is on the shelf now and ready to ship!!!

Get them while they last for the demand is great!!!

Liberal amounts of lubrication allow this sound to be inserted to the desired expansion size while at the same time remaining comfortable and stimulating for extended stretching sessions.

The lube that I have found to be one of the best sterile surgical lubes is Surgilube.


These Sounds are easily cleaned using a high quality antibacterial non abrasive soap prior to and after fiest use. All of SNC products can be boiled for sterilization and also soaked in Alcohol.


This product was hand made by the folks SILICONENOZZLES.COM and made available here for you today by Demented Visions LLC.


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