This is one of the latest design made by the folks at SILICONENOZZLES.COM


Here is a very unique sound we call the Serpent. A design idea submitted by us at Demented Visions LLC and brought to life by the folks at siliconenozzles.


( Color may vary slightly per batch )

One end has four barrel style ribs that start off at approximately 8.5mm graduating up to a maximum of 10.5mm. It then immediately shrinks back down to approximately 7mm for almost an inch then expands back into another barrel at around 9.5mm. It does this two more times for a total of three barrel style expansions until reaching the other end that is graced with the approximate 10.5mm serpents head complete with eyes, nose and open mouth with a thru-hole that runs the entire legth for bodily functions, pissing, and cumming.

Total length of the sound is 7" and it's quite an experience to use especially when you use the serpent head end.

Hope you enjoy this new unique design and style.

With its thru-hole to allow for bodily functions its a nice add to any collection.



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Liberal amounts of lubrication allow this sound to be inserted to the desired expansion size while at the same time remaining comfortable and stimulating for extended stretching sessions.

The lube that I have found to be one of the best sterile surgical lubes is Surgilube.


These Sounds are easily cleaned using a high quality antibacterial non abrasive soap prior to and after fiest use. All of SNC products can be boiled for sterilization and also soaked in Alcohol.


This product was hand made by the folks SILICONENOZZLES.COM and made available here for you today and designed by Demented Visions LLC.


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