The Caged Plug.




These creations are carved one at a time by me by hand per order. Ordering reserves you a spot in line to the bench to be carved. Once you place your order you will receive an email with an estimated ship date. The lead time is usually around two weeks.


Here is yet another beautifully handcrafted Stainless Steel penis plug.

This is a solid plug with just enough weight to let you know its there. And with its design, can be worn for extended periods of time.
The front hoop and the crutch bar are totaly free moving.
It comes with two different sized sets of glans rings that easily snap into the shaft bar to compliment anyones needs or mood.
The O-rings can be bought at any hardware store at all different sizes.
The overall length of the plug portion of this creation not including the hoop is 2" inches long from insertable tip to the top of its head.
You have a choice of its widest insertable width for that perfect fit.
Use the buttons below to make your choice for that perfect fit.
Pictures do very little justice to the handcraftsmanship that I am known for.
This creation comes to you in its own black velvety drawstring pouch.
And as always, my pieces are hand carved and hand polished to a mirror finish one at a time.
These creations may differ slightly from the pictures shown.
Each piece is done one at a time and lead time may vary per creation.
When choosing your tools, if you cant see your reflection, DONT USE IT.


Extended wear does not mean all day wear. Extended wear refers too long sessions of playtime. Just use common sense when participating in this type of play.


In the now over 23 years of doing this I still have to respond to the question, "hey MrBig, what size do I need to achieve the self retaining feature? Im now able to say,"Just the size of the glans ring will do". Just make sure the widest insertable point of this tool is comfortable for you. This creation even works on the worn out old school player that has been impaling for over 16 years. Me. 


Look close...Can you see me in its mirror finish?
I have been creating and participating in this play for over 23 years now. I learned from trial and error whats good, whats bad, what works, what doesnt. I have spent a life time curling toes and taking the breath away in a higher level of pleasure. Always bringing you the quality that you deserve with the knowledge of years and years of trial and error in such a simple pleasure. I have been called a pioneer in many a dark circle. Its the pioneer that always falls through the ice first......Is this type of play for you? Or maybe you are a collector of raw functional art. If not, step away from the computer. LOL. I encourage you to do some research. Good or bad, you still have a choice.

Dont be fooled by others who try to trick you by stealing my words and my designs. Just others trying capture the rewards of what I do. Self expression at times is hard to protect. For what I give to you is a vision of pleasure presented through functional art.

You will be impressed in the presentation of the quality of handcraftsmanship that I am known for. The pictures do very little justice to my work.

 You can also flip the crutch ( bar that holds rubber Glans rings ) to relieve the slight pressure applied to the Urethra when worn in the direction you have in the pic. Don't get me wrong, this way is best when cumming. I little bit of restriction, for me anyway, brings back the youthful spurts and sprays. When you wear the crutch the other way its best to put the rubber glans rings on your shaft first. I always put mine on in the shower. I use a water based lube prior to getting wet. Which ever direction you choose you always wear against the face of the Urethra (shaft bottom). Now your snapping in the rings from the top of the crutch. Try it out. 




"All payments must be made in U.S. dollars!!!
The Caged Plug.
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