P.A. with Stainless Steel Glans ring.



These creations are carved one at a time by me by hand per order. Ordering reserves you a spot in line to the bench to be carved. Once you place your order you will receive an email with an estimated ship date. The lead time is usually around two weeks.

Wow!! A pierced look, without the pain of a permanent piercing.
This piece has been handcrafted from stainless steel, hand shaped and hand bent, into the piece that you see here before you today.
With its self retaining design, can be worn for extended periods of time.
It comes to you with a free moving glans ring. The glans ring is around 1.25 inches ID. Its designed to rest behind the rim of the head even when flaccid with room to grow for that nice snug fit we all love.I have found that this is the perfect size ring no matter what girth your penis has.
You have a choice of insertable width from .25 inch (6mm), .3125 inch (8mm), .375 inch (9.5mm),.4375 inch (11mm) and .5 inch (12mm) at its widest insertable point.
Just choose your size from the buttons below for that perfect fit.
It gives the first appearance of an actual Prince Albert piercing.
The length of this piece from insertable tip to its shoulder is a full 5 inches (127mm) long.
No matter what the mood, this can be worn and adorned.
Jewelry for the penis.
As always, pictures do very little justice to the handcraftsmanship that I am known for. Its hard to take a picture with such a perfect mirrored finish.
A must have for any collection.
And as always, my pieces are hand carved and hand polished to a mirror finish one at a time.
These creations may differ slightly from the pictures shown.
Each piece is done one at a time and lead time may vary per creation.


Dont be fooled by others who try to trick you by stealing my words and my designs. Just others trying capture the rewards of what I do. Self expression at times is hard to protect. For what I give to you is a vision of pleasure presented through functional art.
In the now over 30 years of doing this I still have to respond to the question, "hey MrBig, what size do I need to achieve the self retaining feature? Im now able to say," Just the glands ring will do". Just make sure the widest insertable point of this tool is comfortable for you.
This creation even works on the worn out old school player that has been impaling for 30 years. Me.

P.A. with Stainless Steel Glans ring.
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