ADJUSTABLE PEAR™ OF ANGUISH Expanding Anal and Pussy Plug


Adjustable Expanding Anal and Pussy Locking Plug (AKA The Pear of Anguish) is the perfect toy for fans of both bondage and anal or pussy play.


As a simple plug, insert the cool steel bulb into your sub, leaving the rubber ring in place to keep the three solid Surgical Stainless Steel petals together to maintain the traditional plug shape.


I also use a condom over mine before insertion to help maintain and keep it clean.


After sliding the plug into place, twist the adjustable plunger on the base of the plug to cause your Pear to spread its petals like a flower and bloom inside their ass or pussy.


With this design you can open up the Pear to a size that is best comfortable for you or your sub.


To keep this devious device spread open, and your naughty sub from removing their toy, attach a padlock through the hole in the base post at the base of the plug. Be in total control of their ass or pussy and get ready to watch them beg!

Closed this device is around 3.75 inches (95mm) insertable width and will open to a full 3 inch (76mm) insert width.


Closed insertable length is around 4.75 inch (120mm) and the insertable width is around 1.75 inch (44.45mm)

Opened fully this device is around 3 inches (76mm)

ADJUSTABLE PEAR™ OF ANGUISH Expanding Anal and Pussy Plug
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