Unicorn horn™ Vibrator Urethral Sound and Stretcher

 The Unicorn Horn™  Vibrator

Urethral Sound and Stretcher.

This tool is made from Surgical Stainless Steel.
This creation is basically what the Ice reamer looks like at .5156 inch (13mm) insertable width. Insertable length is around 6 inches long.
This creation is for those who want to stretch the Urethra to accommodate a larger size plug and with its vibrations makes for a great time during masturbation.
This tool has seven eggs for you to climb to meet your needs. It starts off small then climbs its way up to a full 13mm in insertable width which is slightly larger than a half inch.



Look close...Can you see me in its mirror finish?
I have been creating and participating in this play for over 27 years now. I learned from trial and error whats good, whats bad, what works, what doesnt.
I have spent a life time curling toes and taking the breath away in a higher level of pleasure. Always bringing you the quality that you deserve with the knowledge of years and years of trial and error in such a simple pleasure.
I have been called a pioneer in many a dark circle. Its the pioneer that always falls through the ice first.
Is this type of play for you? Or maybe you are a collector of raw functional art. If not, step away from the computer. LOL. I encourage you to do some research. Good or bad, you still have a choice.
Dont be fooled by others who try to trick you by stealing my words and my designs. Just others trying capture the rewards of what I do. Self expression at times is hard to protect. For what I give to you is a vision of pleasure presented through functional art.

"All payments must be made in U.S. dollars!!!

Unicorn horn™ Vibrator Urethral Sound and Stretcher
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