Steampunk lantern lamp portable solid stainless steel LED

Steampunk Lantern is solid Stainless steel, portable with a LED light that has three settings. Low, high, and blinking to cause a seizure... LOL It runs on three AAA batteries and to replace you just untwist the bottom clamp and change out the batteries. To turn it on it comes with a key that you just push through the bottom hole.

It will ship in a Priority mail box in two pieces with tracking. Now, shipping based on the USPS website is as follows. Australia is $65 and the UK is also $65.... These are just estimates that they give based on 20 pounds weight.

It will ship out in a medium flat rate box with tracking. This creation is 16" inches tall and is hand made by me at Demented Visions LLC. It definitely wont light up an entire room but makes great for mood lighting or those times when we loose power. A great piece to add to any collection.

Steampunk lantern lamp portable solid stainless steel LED
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