These creations are carved one at a time by me by hand per order. Ordering reserves you a spot in line to the bench to be carved. Once you place your order you will receive an email with an estimated ship date. The lead time is usually around two weeks.

Men and Woman alike can enjoy its pleasure!
A Crowned Hammer adorned with a beautiful blue Swarovski Crystal.
A classy creation fit for a king.
Here is yet another beautifully hand crafted Stainless Steel penis plug.
This is the newer version of its father the King, "THE JACKHAMMER" and is used to control the flow of one of our favorite bodily functions. Thats where the term plug is applied to this creation. Its designed to take self-pleasure to the next level.

Men and women alike have appreciated it. Whether you are into giving or receiving, your still in control.
She told me that she used the Jackhammer to masturbate and for the first time in a very long time she was able to squirt a lot. My plug hit all the right spots and she is so addicted to playing with her littlest hole. She has more stronger orgasms now..

This creation is truly my absolute favorite. The term edging best describes its function.
(Pictured above is .5 inch (12mm) insert width)
(Pictured above is .5 inch (12mm) insertable width)
My Vision.....
After I have inserted this tool I lube up one hand and feel out the eggs in my penis. After locating I rest the bottom egg between my pinky and ring finger and begin to masturbate. Whats cool about it is I am pleasing the outside of my penis as well as the inside. As I start to reach orgasm I can feel the semen building at the base of the plug. As it builds my semen pushes up the tool and drops down again. The sensation of spasms runs from the base of my scrotum up my spine and gives me little explosion of ecstasy at the back of my brain. After a couple of minutes of this I cant take anymore. I loosen my grip a little on my penis and allow my semen to force the hammer up releasing a little, then finally I grab the hammer with the other hand (while still stroking) and pull it out and let it flow. It takes my breath away. Also another little trick during play is I hold my penis tight with one hand and twirl the T-bar on the hammer with the index finger of my other hand. In no way is this directions on the use of the jackhammer. It is solely me describing my own personal experience with a similar tool.

A lot of thought and time was put into this creation that you see here before you today.

I have been creating and participating in this type of play for over 27 years now.

I have spent a lifetime curling toes and taking the breath away in a higher level of pleasure.

Always bringing you the quality that you deserve with the knowledge of years and years of trial and error in such a simple pleasure.

I have been called a pioneer in many a dark circle. Its the pioneer that always falls through the ice first......

Dont be fooled by others who try to trick you by stealing my words and my designs. Just others trying capture the rewards of what I do. Self expression at times is hard to protect. For what I give to you is a vision of pleasure presented through functional art.

And as always, my pieces are hand carved and hand polished to a mirror finish one at a time.

These creations may differ slightly from the pictures shown.

Each piece is done one at a time and lead time may vary per creation.
If you cant see your mirrored reflection in the finish of the tool, dont use it. The shadow on the tool in the pictures is a perfect reflection of me holding the camera. These pictures do no justice to the image I capture when I hold it in my hand.

The total length from end to end is 4 inches long.
It boast four eggs spaced to fall in between the fingers to give the interior of the penis a more controlled massage as the exterior is done by hand.
You have a choice in two insertable widths, .3125 inch (8mm), .375 inch (9.5mm), .4375 inch (11mm), or .5 inch (12mm).

Just use the buttons below to choose the width you desire.

The top of this creation features a safety bar to protect from over insertion.
My pictures do no justice to the detail in quality and handcraftsmanship that I am known for.


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