The Machined Alberta™ Penis Plug with thru-hole, custom options

The Machined Alberta™ Penis Plug!

The Machined Alberta Penis™ is a powerful sex toy made for intense sensations. It comes with a nice size 15.8mm ball on one end, so it adds weight to make the experience even more pleasurable. The ball will also prevent the plug from disappearing, so you don’t have to worry about getting it slipped inside.

The plug is hollow so it allows all fluids to flow freely and if you chose a Glans ring assembly option you can wear it all day.

This amazing penis plug is made of 316L Surgical Steel so it’s medical-grade, safe and durable.


It means you can wear it for a prolonged periods of time if you choose the option below to have a glans ring assembly.

This toy is 3 inches ( 76mm ) long and it offers 2.5 inches ( 63mm ) of insertable length. And is a max of 9.7mm insert width.

Now you have options with this plug to make it your own. You can now add a custom rubber glans ring assembly or a stainless steel glans ring assembly and turn this into a plug you can wear through out the day.


There are no modifications to the plug at all. The plug you buy is the plug you get. I just add the crutch and rings to it if this is the option you choose. Basically, with a Glans ring these penis plugs hold you at their max insert width without a neck/relief.

( Plug in picture above is not the actual plug you will receive. It is only pictured to show you how the Glans ring assembly attaches to the plug )


The way I clean and use my plugs is listed at the bottom of every page. Proper care is a must to maintain the finish. Always after cleaning be sure to blow out any thru-hole. I would use a can of compressed air that is used and sold at anyplace they sell computers. 316L is the best material for corrosion resistance. Remember that it is resistant and not corrosion free. It is important to properly care for your penis plugs for years of enjoyment. Never store them wet or with wetness inside the thru-hole. 


Make your choices in the drop down below.

Drop down codes:

N = No Glans Ring assembly

A = Rubber Glans Ring assembly

B = Stainless Steel Glans Ring assembly

The Machined Alberta™ Penis Plug with thru-hole, custom options
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