Dr. Sado’s Nipple Stretcher for Pierced Nipples

Dr. Sado’s Nipple Stretcher for Pierced Nipples


  Take your BDSM nipple fetish to the next level.

Whether alone or with a friend this device will provide the intense pleasure or pain you desire!


This brilliantly designed piece is made from 316L Surgical Steel and will stand the test of time, I keep my threads with a little lube/greese for smooth action.

It consists of 1 - 14 gauge Straight Barbell of random color. It works with an uniquely designed device that uses the Spindle Principle to provide long lasting results.


Slide your nipple in the approximately 7/8 inch circle at the bottom of the piece, then insert the barbell through the device as well as your nipple, screw the ball on the end of the barbell to secure it in place, and then twist the top clockwise to raise the barbell and apply tension.


The device extends a maximum of 50mm or 2 inches, but you can start slow and work your way up to that.


With repeated use you can achieve sustainable results while also getting the pleasure or pain and sexual satisfaction you seek.


Whether you are using this device for stretching purposes, sexual stimulation, or whatever your desire is this beauty will fulfill all those needs and more!


Sold individually, if you need a pair you will need to order 2!

Dr. Sado’s Nipple Stretcher for Pierced Nipples
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