Silicone Flat Inverted Nipple Puller Shaper Sucker set of 2

Silicone Flat Inverted Nipple Puller Shaper Sucker


Is a nipple toy, designed to provide both physical and sensual nipple enhancement for both men and women.

These can and will cause permanent nipple restoration or just give you those nice big meaty nipples. It has worked for me!!! I wear mine a few hours a day and over just a few short weeks I have permanent change. I use to have one small nipple and one inney. Now I have nipples that stimulate me and day as I just walk about.

They help stimulate the nipple into a protruded state, by gently pulling the nipple into the nip, helping nipples stay erect for longer and exciting the nerve endings.

I have found that the best way to use these is to apply a small amount of lotion on and around the nipple and rub it in well.


Then you pinch the two side of the nipple cup together and press it firmly over your nipple.

Slowly release the pinch as the suction pull your nipples inside.

Pictured above is only after a few minutes of wearing.

Sold in pairs.

Enjoy increased stimulation and sensitivity with these Nipple Suckers

Experience the heightened sensitivity of nipple suction, without the bulk of a pump system. Easily draw blood into the area for increased size and sensation.

 I lotion first to rub into the area that the cups will cover to create a good seal and suction.



Silicone Flat Inverted Nipple Puller Shaper Sucker set of 2
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