Machined Beginers Point ™Urethral Plug

Machined Beginers Point ™Urethral Plug
New smaller size!!!
Great for the beginner!!
This plug has been machined to perfection and priced to sell.
This creation is in stock and there is no wait for a spot in line to the bench to be carved.
Around 4 inches (101.6mm) in total length with the insertable width starting small and ending at around 7.93mm ( .3125 inch ) insertable width.

A perfect play plug for the beginner and the old school alike!!! Im finding this plug to be a favorite of the ladies these days. If you ever wondered, this is a perfect place to start. Solid Stainless Steel with a mirror finish! It definetly was a must have for my own personal collection. Sizes may not be exact to sizes given in the listing. They may vary *slightly*.

Machined Beginers Point ™Urethral Plug
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