Monster Donut Silicone Cock And Ball Stretcher Ring

Monster Donut Silicone Cock And Ball Stretcher Ring

Silicone Cock and Ball Ring

The silicone Cock and Ball ring offers a simple and safe way to enhance your sexual pleasure.


By restricting the blood to flow out of the erected penis, this ring helps men to keep up their erection for a much longer period of time.


But that’s not all.


You can stack these on top of each other for those that want to stretch their balls.

The Cock ring furthermore increases the size, hardness, and sensitivity of the erection.


This allows both the men and his partner to enjoy greater sex throughout the night.


With its waterproof design, the Cock and ball ring can be worn in the bed and shower.


If you’re looking for the ultimate pleasure enhancer that lets you perform like a champion, this Cock and ball ring is certainly worth giving a try.

With its soft and flexible design, the Cock and Ball ring offers a comfortable fit.


The ID is 32mm and is weighs 40grams, making it suitable for almost any size penis.


Thanks to its flexible body, you can wear this Cock ring in different ways.

You can either wear it around your Glans or wear one around your Shaft and the other around your Balls.Or all of the above.


No matter which way you prefer, this Cock ring is guaranteed to increase your sexual stamina and treat you to orgasms like never felt before.


The ring itself is made from FDA-approved medical silicone. As of such, it is completely body-safe and you won’t have to worry about using it around your genitalia.

The premium silicone used for this Cock and Ball ring is odour free. This means that you won’t be disturbed by a nasty chemical smell while having fun with your partner.


The ring itself is extremely easy to use.

Simply slide it around your Cock and balls, and you’ll be ready to go.


With the Cock ring in place, you and your partner will enjoy great sex throughout the night.

This Cock ring is great for adult men of any age.


Whether you use it to maintain your erection or to increase sensitivity - the Cock and Ball ring won’t let you down.



Monster Donut Silicone Cock And Ball Stretcher Ring
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