MACHINED Spade Drop™ Mini Urethral Stretcher


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THE MACHINED Spade Drop™ Mini Urethral Stretcher.

A new design, new shape, NEW FEEL. A shorter version of its big brother. Used as a Urethral Stretcher for those who are looking to go larger with their TOI's ( Tools Of Impalement ). Used in conjunction with masturbation. Let the Cum Fly! Enjoy the Pleasure as you stroke your Cock to a explosion of Orgasmic bliss!
In stock and ready to ship! Machined from the highest quality German Surgical Stainless Steel. The total length of this plug from end to end is 4" inches long. With a insertable length of 3 1/2" inches and a insertable width that starts off at 1/4" and climbs up to a full 3/8" inches wide, its a must have for all that love stroking their Cock. Goon away fellow bate whores! Sizes may not be exact to sizes given in the listing. They may vary *slightly*.

There are no modifications to the plug at all. The plug you buy is the plug you get.

The way I clean and use my plugs is listed at the bottom of every page. Proper care is a must to maintain the finish. Always after cleaning be sure to blow out any thru-hole. I would use a can of compressed air that is used and sold at anyplace they sell computers. 316L is the best material for corrosion resistance. Remember that it is resistant and not corrosion free. It is important to properly care for your penis plugs for years of enjoyment. Never store them wet or with wetness inside the thru-hole. 

MACHINED Spade Drop™ Mini Urethral Stretcher
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